1. Richard Dunlop-Walters:

    Looks like the columns are going to be just as creative as the headlines. The crux of this whiny missive is that Betaworks launched too early, with too little, and that will be new Digg’s downfall. Despite this being exactly what Betaworks said they’d do. I have no idea what’s in store for Digg, or whether it will succeed or fail, and I can’t say that I care either, but I’m happy to see that version 1 of the tech columnists’ impressions is just as lightweight as version 1 of new Digg.



  2. Welcome to Digg v1


    On July 20, we announced that we were turning Digg back into a startup and rebuilding it from scratch in six weeks. After an intense month and a half, we managed to get the new Digg up and running on a fresh code base and infrastructure. We now have a solid foundation on which to build, and we expect to build fast. Yesterday, we previewed the new Digg applications for web, iPhone, and mobile web and today we’re happy to share Digg v1.

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    No matter what happens next — *dramatic squirrel* — this is solid output from six weeks of work. It’s best to not overstate any success right now; let’s just see how this unfolds. Still, I’m excited for any project with management who support a complete, crunch mode refresh, engineers and designers who can execute on that vision, and a product as focused as this coming out of the other end.