1. Home (at West Oakland (BART station))


  2. Le @geigster


  3. Song of the Fucking Day™

    Jones’ing hard on this. 3x now: found myself singing it out loud while walking around. So good. Doooo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dododo.


  4. Neo! #hyperlapse


  5. Homunculus (at Pax Prime 2014)


  6. Three dudes. Three pony tails. One PAX.


  7. Attitude


  8. My new friend chikachu! qq ✌️


  9. Take off every zig (at Washington State Convention Center)


  10. Masks! With @northisup (at Washington State Convention Center)


  11. PAX in a pokeball (at Washington State Convention Center)



  13. I’m in <3


  14. Evidently my soccer jersey from elementary school still fits


  15. zadi:


    These Georgia Teens Created a Yelp to Rate the Police

    Four “solution-focused” siblings are launching Five-O, an app to share and rate experiences with law enforcement. 

    Full Story: CityLab

    Always focus on solutions.

    Yes. I want in.

    (via garychou)