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    Limited edition screen prints by artist Tim Doyle, inspired by the streets of Springfield (the Simpsons.) Check out the entire collection in our online store here, and be sure to follow Tim on Tumblr here


  7. Song of the Fucking Day™

    Bush and Hussein together in bed
    Giving H-E-A-D head
    Y’all motherfuckers heard what we said
    Billions made and millions dead

    Now those are some lyrics.

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  8. Song of the Fucking Day™


  9. Hunting San Franciaco


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    Katie Pfeffer #womenwithink #womenwithtattoos #sleeve #tattoo #tattoos #tattooedmodel #ink #inked #inkedgirl #girlwithink





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    A dancer captured in 3D with a Kinect. Add some Processing, stir until sublime. This is just incredible to watch.


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    Every year, evolutionary biologist and professor David Barash gives his students The Talk about how evolution and religion do and do not get along.

    It’s irresponsible to teach biology without evolution, and yet many students worry about reconciling their beliefs with evolutionary science. Just…