1. Three dudes. Three pony tails. One PAX.


  2. Attitude


  3. My new friend chikachu! qq ✌️


  4. Take off every zig (at Washington State Convention Center)


  5. Masks! With @northisup (at Washington State Convention Center)


  6. PAX in a pokeball (at Washington State Convention Center)



  8. I’m in <3


  9. Evidently my soccer jersey from elementary school still fits


  10. zadi:


    These Georgia Teens Created a Yelp to Rate the Police

    Four “solution-focused” siblings are launching Five-O, an app to share and rate experiences with law enforcement. 

    Full Story: CityLab

    Always focus on solutions.

    Yes. I want in.

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  11. (Source: sykend, via womenwithink)



  13. Song of the Fucking Day™



  15. amysharp:

    Not sure who to credit.  This has been circulating for years. 

    This seems true at first glance because it’s trying to be pithy. But then it seems quite ridiculous.

    What is the right being equalized here? Seems to me like it’s the right to stand on a box. Surely it isn’t the right to see the game, in which case the second photo absolutely would also be labeled equality.

    So… I suppose this illustration is true, within its own strangely constructed world. Maybe I just need a stronger fetish for boxes.

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