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    Surfing in the Clouds with @hisarahlee

    For more of Sarah Lee’s atmospheric shots underwater and above, follow @hisarahlee.

    “Duck diving”—the act of riding waves beneath the surf—has found a home in the incredible, ethereal photos by Hawai’i Instagrammer Sarah Lee (@hisarahlee). “One day I was out body-surfing and I saw the way the waves broke like this cool cloud in the sky, but underwater,” she says. “I thought, ‘the closest thing to flying could be diving under the waves.’”

    Most of Sarah’s photos feature other female aquatic athletes, who are also often her close friends. In part, she sees her subjects as extensions of herself. Growing up in Hawai’i, Sarah spent almost every moment in the water.

    “The ocean is a force of nature you cannot control. That’s what I’ve enjoyed most about it,” she says. “The shot is always different.”


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    Refen doe








  9. See something say something


  10. at Authentic Bagel Company


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    Homer makes a surprise visit at SDCC

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    It’s the last days of SuperAwesome Art and Giant Robot @oaklandmuseumca I wish it could stay longer.

    This was one of my favorite exhibits in years.

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    Making @geigster proud. Thanks @owenimholte for whatever I’m about to drink. (at International Space Corps)


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    Put on a pair of judgmental sunglasses and watch this: here’s the fully unedited video of Prime’s Techstars Demo Day presentation.

    This went down at the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts, an amazing and beautiful facility in Kansas City. About 1,500 people were in attendance and it was just a blast.

    Key to any great presentation: red pants.

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    hoodie? hell ye

    +1 would wear

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